Everett's fake Examiners

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All Exhibits are at eden3000.com/exhibitsA_G.pdf

Most cheating that goes on in Planning is done in secret. No one gets to see their cheats within any -14 day appeal period-. But I caught them approving Jimmy Johns landscaping that violated 29 laws, June 21 was the first-ever published dated -approval-. -Exhibit A- I filed an appeal. I paid $533 for APP19-002.  Exhibit B  Where's the hearing I paid for? The city never even sent Examiner my appeal! Here is proof.-Exhibit C-

There IS no law that lets ANY plans/landscaping be approved that violate ANY ordinance, but planing marks approved on what meets no law. The planners -the city pays to guard against cheating - are the ones skimming our city into a treeless wasteland.

Appeal flow chart -Exhibit D- shows a staff report was required. No staff report. A hearing was required. No hearing. Instead, City's Anne Weech sent some ex parte email /incomplete material to Examiner Rice, Attorney Hall told Rice how to rule, and Rice ruled on the email material, not my APP19-002. -Exhibit E- No court allows such insanity. Rice didn't even have the real appeal to know the appeal number. What ex parte she ruled on had no exhibits, and Rice referred to ex parte matter with page numbers that were completely different than actual appeal APP19-002

You realize how much corruption there is when City can get an examiner to rule on something she's never seen??? Every Examiner must be oathed to judge, but Everett has never had an oathed examiner. -Exhibit F- INSTEAD Legal just finds an attorney who agrees in writing to always rule for the city. Yes, they sign, quote, The Hearing Examiner agrees to indemnify and defend the city from and against any claims, valid or otherwise. (end quote). -Exhibit G- (see top of page 2 of contract). Yes, by contract, no hearing in Everett's history has ever been fair or impartial. Fake examiner HAS to rule for the City. That is what they're contracted to do.

There is no time limit for set-aside appealing fraud. Virtually every hearing in Everett's history could be overturned for fraud. 

There IS no law that lets ANY landscaping be approved that violates ANY law. Yet the very staff -the city pays to guard against cheating- are the ones skimming our city into a treeless wasteland. IT'S TIME TO THROW THESE CROOKS OUT!

more at Everettcheats.com

We CAN get our tree city back. It would only take the Mayor and Council ordering Director to Letter every cheating business to meet city laws, plus INDEPENDENT inspectors. Plus, changing to an IMPARTIAL real Hearing Examiner. Right now, cheating City staff get to decide if they themselves cheated. Just firing them won't fix things. It is so bad, laws are needed to stop Staff- ingrained cheating. But nothing will get fixed unless we all stand up and say, "Give us our Tree City back"

Tell Mayor to DO HER JOB!! Make cheating business properties comply to city laws. Mayor Franklin: 425-257-7115 cfranklin@everettwa.gov

You see Lynnwood - Marysville, Mill Creek, rich with landscape. That's cause staff follows zoning laws. In Everett, they instead have staff under-the-table skimming our city into a junk yard. And "legal" supporting them to stave off lawsuits. All this CAN be turned around. It takes public outcry.