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Basically, for decades, City land manager has been approving invalid land plans, mostly for businesses, turning our City into a concrete junk yard. Then he starts removing laws that showed he had created nuisances. Then the City attorney claimed no one can go back and fix his errors, when every applicable state and City law says otherwise.

I've caught Everett's land manager and head city attorney committing FELONIES, etc, and destroying our city's beauty for personal profit. Unlike cities that use committees, Everett just has a dictator: land use manager Steve Ingalsbe. Inglasbe alone "approves" land plans, is the only one to see all complaints, and re-writes city zoning laws. That's how Ingalsbe freely illegally lets businesses violate zoning laws (likely for kickbacks), he closes neighbor's complaints, then starts removing decades-old laws that the complaints identify. Just on 3 properties next door to me, he has illegally approved plans missing tons of landscaping, approved drive-throughs with 3 car holding places (8 required), allowed multiple illegal curb cuts, dangerous alley intrusions, illegal use, McD's garbage right under my windows, trucks illegally idling hours most nights by my windows, etc etc. For personal benefit, Ingalsbe has ruined both MY property and the beauty of our fine City, invalid permit by invalid permit. He has made criminals out of the city and contractors, contractors who Ingalsbe allows to break laws to save themselves development expenses.

EMC 16.005.050 declares the violations nuisances, and declares the City and Ingalsbe "guilty" for allowing them. But, as judge, jury, and executioner, Ingalsbe protects his crimes with an iron fist: apparently even ordering neighbors McDonalds and Jimmy Johns to NOT correct a single violation, even after McD and JJ agreed to.
Looking down the streets of Everett, and knowing code myself, it appears breaking municipal law is Ingalsbe's ONLY policy. Never mind that EMC 16.005.040(A)(11)(4) states, "No permit presuming to give authority to violate or cancel the provision of this Code shall be valid,..."

REMEMBER HOW GREEN OUR CITY WAS, EVEN 10 YEARS AGO?? Most is gone due to Ingalsbe violating nearly all City zoning laws for his own profit. But just feel lucky YOU aren't the one who bought property, only to have Ingalsbe soon ruin your quiet enjoyment with him illegally creating mass nuisances against YOUR property.

Higher-up city officers -AID- Ingalsbe in his crimes. Like City attorney likely told Mayor the absurd lie that "no one, even the city, can change a permit". THAT IS THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT THE LAWS SAY!! City attorneys aided and abetted Ingalsbe's crimes, like requiring Examiner "indemnify and defend the city from and against any and all claims, valid or otherwise", ie rule for Ingalsbe. Also allowing Ingalsbe to perjure in APP 18-006 Hearing. And no resident can speak more than 3 minutes on any subject to the Council. This closed system meant the city attorneys never had to know any city law, because no one could complain. Then Ingalsbe and atty just made up different absurd lies in court, with no evidence.
And Ingalsbe's subordinates must be complicit, having really no one above Ingalsbe to turn to.

Corruption is a layered horror. Read more below



These two crooks (Ingalsbe and David Hall) have ruined the look of our city: preventing likely thousands of required trees to be planted, and turned our "Tree City " Everett into a concrete junk yard. They must be fired and jailed, and all invalid permits the City granted must be brought into code compliance. Not just missing landscape, but virtually all laws: [like Ingalsbe granted so many drive-throughs without the 8 required car holding places prior to ordering board. Instead of making them fix the backup into the street, Ingalsbe just removed the law requiring ANY holding, and told the commission he just "moved" the law. LIE!]

City, via mostly Ingalsbe, has illegally seized MY property rights, and our community property buffer rights. ALL OUR RIGHTS ILLEGALLY SEIZED WITH THE POWER, STATURE, MONEY, BUT NOT RIGHT OF THE CITY.

The City shall require all properties in the City of Everett to be brought into compliance with all code and laws in place at the time of each and every prior application; only the building itself being exempt.
The City has altered zoning code(s) allowing for conditions that previous-to-2012 were violations. Any City code alteration that removed requirements, and removed said requirements after the city approved plans with violations of those requirements, shall be null and void. Alterations to be voided include but are not limited to exemption(s) added, or code(s)-removed. The code prior to said alterations shall be reinstated, and remain in effect for a minimum of five (5) years after code is returned to its state prior to a City- approved violation.
No similar exemption or similar code-removal in any form may be ordinanced prior to said minimum five years.
No code, presuming to give authority to override this code, shall be valid.



15 main violations at Jimmy Johns, 2602 Broadway Complaint to Director of what Ingalsbe did illegally at 2010 Broadway, and his cover-up complaint to police of Ingalsbe's perjury at APP18-006 Hearing complaint to police of Ingalsbe and Pollard approving illegal landscaping that didn't even match the plans at Jimmy Johns 2602 Broadway complaint to police of Hall, Rice, and Lles aiding and abetting Ingalsbe's perjury complaint to police of City atty David Hall and Flora Diaz felony perjury

Proof of 30 counts of fraud by City attorney David Hall w/ 12(b)(6) /Motion to Vacate Exhibits of proof of City perjury in Superior Court Treeless "Tree City" Everett 30 zoning laws broken at McDonalds Everett's fake Hearing Examiners I paid for a Hearing I never got. HOW Everett Land Manager went from enforcing to obstructing City laws

Unconstitutional shortcuts instituted in Everett, WA decades ago have now swelled to massive criminal activity, centered on Everett Land Use Manager Steve Ingalsbe and City attorney David Hall. The setup: all land plans get approved by a single land manager, versus committee, like many cities use. The land manager not just approves, but is the sole reviewer of code violation complaints, AND re-writes the zoning laws. One person with all the power, and Ingalsbe has used that power to allow businesses to break virtually every zoning law ever written. So when Ingalsbe has allowed a violation on a plan, which is a crime, since he alone receives the complaints, instead of making the business comply, he immediately starts the process of removing some of the laws he allowed to violate Everett Municipal law. Ingalsbe has removed multiple laws that properties next door to me have violated, and he started the process of removing the laws right after I turned in complaints that they violated zoning laws. I have extensive proof.

The City's legal issue is, PLANS MUST MEET THE LAWS AT THE TIME OF THE PERMIT. Ingalsbe (and his predecessor) have allowed MANY businesses to break virtually any laws they please. Now Everett must face the task of requiring maybe hundreds of businesses to correct their violations. And Everett is liable for what Ingalsbe has done. Municipal law itself deems Ingalsbe, subordinates and the city itself "guilty" for not meeting EMC, but the City then must prosecute itself, which so far it has not done. Just a few of Ingalsbe's crimes, including class B felonies, have been turned into Everett Police.

Again, despite Ingalsbe furiously trying to conceal his crimes by altering Everett Zoning laws in mass form about every other year, the laws that apply are still those that apply at the time of the invalid permit. .

In example, the Jimmy Johns behind my residence is in violation of about 30 zoning laws, and McDonalds next door to my residence is in violation of about 40 zoning laws, including having their stinky trash right under my liv and bedroom windows. And Ingalsbe just let an illegal run-down, not-grandfathered-in SFR be put on Broadway business property next to my business. It appears to me, Ingalsbe will illegally allow ANY violation of zoning laws, sacrificing our fine city for his personal benefits.

And the corruption extends to the City attorney. Hearing Examiner, required to be independent, has instead been contractually required to rule for the city ("indemnify and defend the city against any and all claims, valid or otherwise"). AND the city quit letting anyone complain about a subject twice at council meetings. That is, the City has closed off every normal means to complain about anything Ingalsbe is doing. Because legal set it up so no one could complain, the City attorney never had to know any municipal law! Crazy as it sounds, in Court Hall and Diaz just made up extraordinary lies, lies a judge believed simply because he was a city attorney. Then that gets the judge in trouble. Case under appeal for City fraud. So far, both Ingalsbe and attorney David Hall and subordinate have committed mass FELONIES in court. I make these statements under penalty of perjury.

I have proof of all but the kickbacks. All is documented. HOW HAS THE CITY ATTORNEY HALL KEPT THE MAYOR FROM FIXING THIS? HALL LIKELY TOLD CASSIE FRANKLIN THE SAME LIES HALL SAID IN COURT: that even the city couldn't change anything after a permit was issued. BUT THAT WAS A BOLDFACED LIE! CODE CLEARLY SAYS NO PERMIT IS VALID THAT VIOLATES ANY LAW!!!! AND that the city has the power to make the business fix the violations.: EMC 16.005.040(A)(11)(4) states, “The issuance or granting of a permit or approval of plans and/or specifications shall not be deemed or construed to be a permit for, or an approval of, any violations of any of the provisions of this Code or any other law or regulation. No permit presuming to give authority to violate or cancel the provision of this Code shall be valid,...”” . If City attorney Hall had ever read ANY municipal law, he would have known that he was flat out lying to the mayor -and in Superior court. And Hall has thereafter had to also cover up his own felony perjury and lack of knowledge of any municipal law.

The basics of the case under appeal re Jimmy Johns is at eden3000.com/MotionToVacate.pdf and eden3000.com/VacateExhibits.pdf. That document details the laws that apply. You can write me at resras8r@frontier.com. if you wish further documents, etc.